Monday, August 27, 2012

Simple Decorating Ideas for your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the spots in the house where your family gathers and creates memories. For some moms, the kitchen is the place where they bond with kids while cooking.  It is said to be the most used room in your home, thus beautifying your kitchen should be included in your to do list.
In searching for suitable kitchen colors, go for those that can stimulate and relax you at the same time. But not too relaxing since it might hinder your cooking (of course, you don't want to start preparing your food by 6 o'clock and finish cooking by 12 midnight because you're too relaxed) neither too stimulating for it could make you forget about not eating too much.
You may use warm colors such as yellow and gold for your kitchen. These colors can increase or stimulate your appetite and senses as well as red. Nature inspired shades of green can also be applied in your kitchen for these colors provide calming and relaxing ambiance.
Earth colors like brown and light beige as well as cream and white are also perfect for your kitchen. Wipe out dullness or coldness by adding colors in your accessories or accents such as colorful table cloths or mats and bright colored curtains and fabrics. You can use black for your appliances and cabinets. Match it with light colored walls to achieve balance.
Rugs can also be used in your kitchen. Just make sure to complement the color of your rug to the colors of your accessories and curtains. For neutral colored plates, add colorful charger plates beneath them. Brighten up your kitchen more by adding flowers and candles. Instead of using an old bowl for your fruits, try using a tall glass vase filled with oranges or lemons or a china dish stuffed with colorful fruits.
Complement the color of the ceiling in your kitchen with the color of your furniture or your decors. For your flooring, terra-cotta tiles or wood floors can warm up your kitchen if it is too bright with daylight while white tiles can help brighten up your kitchen that does not receive much sunlight during the day. One clever idea in designing your kitchen is to use neutral colors for expensive fixtures like your counter tops. Apply bright or bold colors for not too expensive items and decors that are easy to change.
Make your kitchen clutter free by adding a shelf where you can keep some of your decorative items, dishes and herbs. Put hooks at the bottom of the shelf where you can hang your coffee mugs.  Include appliances and equipment that are small and will not take much space. Place only those that are used most of the time.  

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Give your Bathroom a Make Over

Among all the rooms in the house, our bathroom usually has the smallest space.  Though it is not as large as the other areas in the house, next to our bedrooms, it is the place where we spend time with in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.
For some, bathrooms are the place where they unwind and meditate about the things that happened the whole day. Knowing that colors affect one’s feelings or emotions, the colors for the bathrooms should also be chosen as carefully as how you choose the colors for the other rooms in your house.

If you want freshness and neatness in your bathroom, use cream, white, light gray or soft-hued beige colors for your bathroom. You can brighten up your bathroom painted with these shades by adding colors as accessories, like your towel, shower curtains and bathrobe and incorporating shapes and texture.

You can also use pale and soft shades such as pastels, a soothing blue like grayish blue, turquoise or aqua and green for a relaxing and calm ambiance. Use lighter colors for bathrooms with limited space. Windows, mirrors, and glass will also help widen spaces. The use of these will allow light to bounce throughout your bathroom. Don’t forget to hide unnecessary products to avoid clutter. You may use curtains to conceal the built-in storage area in your bathroom.
For large bathrooms dark-colored paints are used like black, dark red or burgundy. Use dark shades of furnishings for cabinets and shelves or use steel fixtures for an elegant and stylish finish. Add more light by placing a long mirror above a double sink.
Add radiance to your bathroom by using yellow.  Yellow will not become too bright when you combine this color with darker accessories and tile accents. Nature can also be a good inspiration in picking your desired color. Brown, warm orange, the pink tint during a sunset and earthy green can also be used.
Colorful tiles and decorative flowers will also add vibrancy to your bathroom. Install cupboards and drawers to keep towels and bathroom necessities organized. To give extra space in your bathroom counter, you can artistically place a plate stand or wine rack (where rolled towels will be placed) in your bathroom. For a stylish and elegant appeal, add chrome sink and silver-plated accents.

Your bathrooms need not undergo major renovations. A dull and colorless bathroom can transform into a fresh, relaxing and stylish one just by using the right colors.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Color Ideas for your Master’s Bedroom

One of the most important rooms in the house is the master’s bedroom. It serves as a private sanctuary and a place where you can escape from stress and have total relaxation after a long, exhausting day of work. Your master’s bedroom can have a cozy, relaxing and comfortable environment by improving your room decorations and observing the right colors.

Pastel colors like light yellow, baby blue, soft pink, lavender and cool tones such as faded lavender, pale blue and crisp white give calmness and relaxation to your master’s bedroom.  While sage green and blue provide cool and comfortable atmosphere for these colors will remind you of the ocean and the sky.

The use of deep red colors like rust or maroon provides a seductive atmosphere in master’s bedrooms. However, the size of the room should also be considered in using this color. Deep red colors are applicable to use for large rooms. Dark wood furniture like cherry and mahogany complement these types of colors. To lighten up the room, use fabrics in cream or beige.

Smaller master’s bedrooms can still have a seductive touch by using lighter shades of red in pink family. Use white, cream and beige so that a low ceiling will appear higher. To bring more light and to create an illusion of wider space, place the mirrors opposite to your windows.

To create an illusion of a larger space while adding warmth to your master’s bedroom, use cream, muted olive green, ivory, light brown or beige for the walls. Combine these earth colors with darker shades such as burgundy red, deep brown or any bright colors you prefer like yellow, orange, blue and purple to add vibrancy.
The bedding, rugs, pillows and fabrics in your master’s bedroom can be of darker shades to add color and life to your room. You can also include a teal vase or lamp bedside table as your decoration.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prettify Your Child’s Bedroom

Bedrooms are the best place for kids to relax, to do their school work, to read, to daydream, and to play games. Using the appropriate colors for your child’s bedroom creates a happy and calming mood , energizes your kid’s mind, and keeps him or her relax at night.
In decorating, you can ask your child to suggest a theme that interests him or her. Incorporate your creativity with this theme to achieve that unique, comfortable and stylish room that your child will surely adore. Here are some ways on how to brighten up your kid’s bedroom. 

Pink is usually the color that is most preferred by girls for their rooms. If pink is applied in the walls of the rooms, you can soften the boldness of this color by using neutral colors for the floor such as ivory, beige, and white. You may also use pale pink for the walls.
Red can also be used for as long as this color will not leave an overwhelming effect. A darker red offset can be a warm, welcoming and rich color. For rooms with darker colors such as navy blue or red, it is advisable to place lots of toys so as to lighten up the mood of your child.
To avoid darkening the room, you also have an option of painting one or two walls with a darker color and the remaining walls will be painted with a strong contrasting color like white or yellow. The use of patterned rugs and curtains will add interest to the room and balances the brightness of the wall color.

If your child loves the outdoors, you can also bring the color of the outdoor into her room. Earth colors such as organic tan, golden hay, desert brown and leaf green are some just some of the ideal colors. To add an environment-friendly touch, you may paint the wall or ceiling with flowers, trees, insects or animals.
Yellow is a color that is suitable for boys’ or girls’ bedrooms. Depending on your child’s personality, you may use bold or soft yellow. You can soften or tone down bold yellow by adding blue accent or more neutral colors to the room.

White can also be applied since it can create an illusion of a larger space. To add warmth, use warm accents or accents of different colors such as for throw pillows, curtains and rugs.
Use decorations like high quality wardrobe where you can keep your child’s clothing. To keep things organized, you can also use colorful bins and baskets. There are also beds that provide storage for items that are not used always.
Lastly, to have a cozy, unique and vibrant room that will surely excite your child, add a colorful lamp, comfortable and soft throw pillows and bedding.

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